Wuxi Guangyi Anti-Errosion Sefrvice Factory

Our factory is a specialized factory focusing on the research and the production of anticorrosive equipments. Its main patent products include: steel lining PP, PVC, PE, Po, F4, the F40 compound pipes and fittings. We adopt foreign companies' fluorine material, tetrafluoroethlene copolymerizing ETFE, hydrocarbon copolymerizing Po,PE, etc. By introducing the Du Pont Company's technology, we developed the most advanced two axis rotational molding technology and produced the anticorrosive equipments such as the roll coating lining pipe, pump, valve, pressure vessel,accumulator tank, storage tank, tower, kettle and so on, thus ...

Add:28 Jianghaidonglu, Wuxi, China (Huangnitou) Mobile:+86-13861888868
P.C.:214016 Email:mf@wxgyff.com
Tel:+86-510-82350788 / 82353097 Web:www.wxgyff.com
Contact:Mao Feng    

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